Refrigerated Bumper Pull Trailers

Below is a list of the different sizes of trailers that we have available for rent and the power configurations for each.
We also have 8’x20′ and 8’x 40′ Refrigerated Containers for rent.
All Thermal Trek refrigerated trailers and containers keep food at temperatures that are safe for your customers and comply with health department requirements for cold food storage. We carry a variety of refrigerated trailer sizes to fit all of your storage needs.
Our trailers are applicable for a variety of stored merchandise: meats for cook-offs,  baked goods, beer & wine, dairy products, electronic equipment, medical supplies, flowers/plants, fresh or frozen goods, “hot shot” delivery items, and seafood.
Our bumper pull refrigerated trailers are ideal for companies needing extra storage, emergency storage in the case of a power outage or cooler repair, or for a special event.
We understand that truck rentals can be bulky and expensive. For this reason, we offer trailers that are 6’x8′ and 6’x12′ that can be towed behind any 3/4 ton truck.
6’x14’and 8’x 20′ bumper pulls require towing with 1 ton truck.
Trailers can be delivered by Thermal Trek, or some can be picked up at the Thermal Trek office at 1806 Hydro Drive in Austin,Texas.
When using on-site electrical power, the unit must be plugged in to a NON GFCI dedicated circuit. If a NON GFCI or circuit that is not dedicated is used, the unit will not cool properly.
Thermal Trek staff help you make arrangements to rent the refrigerated trailer that will best fit your needs.
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