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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Thermal Trek deliver refrigerated trailers or refrigerated containers on short notice?
Portable refrigeration containers and trailers are excellent solutions for cold product storage problems when they arise. If your coolers or freezers go down due to mechanical failure or electrical outages, a refrigerated trailer or refrigerated container can be delivered to your location on short notice to help you save a product that otherwise would have been lost.
Are short term and long term rental arrangements available?
Thermal Trek offers short and long term rental arrangements. We can accommodate you if you just need seasonal storage or if you have outgrown your cooler or freezer and need additional storage space until you can build more space in your store, processing facility, or restaurant.
Are refrigerated trailers and refrigerated containers available for seasonal needs?
Thermal Trek has numerous trailers and containers of various sizes available for distributors and retailers who may need extra refrigerated storage during the holiday season.
Does Thermal Trek offer dock level refrigerated storage?

Thermal Trek offers 32′ to 53′ refrigerated semi trailers that can be backed up to the customer’s dock for additional refrigerated storage.

What are the electrical power needs?

Thermal Trek recommends that customers use a licensed electrician to make sure their site meets the proper power requirements and that electrical work complies with local code.

Thermal Trek offers several different sizes and configurations of refrigerated trailers.  Smaller trailers such as the 6′ X 8′ and 6′ X 12′ can run on a 120 volt Non GFI dedicated circuit. Some of the trailers require 230 volt Non GFI 20 or 30 amp dedicated circuits depending on size of trailer.

8′ X 20′ and 8′ X 40′ containers require 460 / 230 volt 3 phase 30 or 50 amp dedicated circuits depending on size of container.

Click here to see chart for more specific power needs for trailers.

Thermal Trek offers 32′ to 53′ refrigerated semi trailers that can be backed up to the customer’s dock for additional refrigerated storage.

What if my site has no electricity or does not have the required power available?
The Thermal Trek fleet does have some refrigerated trailers and containers that have diesel power to back up the electrical power. If there is no electrical power available, or only single phase power available, the unit can be run on diesel rather than electricity.

If your site only has 208 volt 3 phase, Thermal Trek has transformers that can be rented that will bring the power up to the needed 230 volts.

If you are going to install a new service to power a refrigerated container, a 460 volt service will be most economical for you.

Thermal Trek also has diesel powered generators for rent to power any unit that does not have integrated diesel power supply.

Refrigeration units will not cool and damage may occur if not connected to the proper power source.

Can Thermal Trek trailers be used to store ice?
Thermal Trek trailers can be used to transport bagged ice to the event, and to store the bagged ice at the event. Thermal Trek does not supply or sell ice.